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I hate short-rowed heels when you do a toe-up sock. I think they are evil, so I tend to keep with the cuff down variety. I did encounter a book recently, though, called New Pathways for Knitters by Cat Bordhi that seems to have a better grasp a more pleasant heel experience for toe-up socks. Her designs think a bit outside the basic sock knitting box, but once you can wrap your brain around it, its not so bad.



just found your blog and I really like it! Even if it may be a bit late to comment your entry: the little holes are normal, but the trick after knitting the heel is that after having knitted the first round of the next part, you have to knit the stiches that now appear way to loose and one that`s part of the last short-row (under the other stich) together. It´s hard to explain, but i have a very useful link on my page. It contains pictures, so you will understand it even though it`s in german. It`s called "Ferse mit verkürzten Reihen. If you have questions, you can contact me!

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